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Help build the future of global shipping

Wiz is building a digital platform for freight forwarding with the goal of making shipping efficient, hassle-free and completely transparent for businesses. And we'd like your help.

Traditional shipping is a hassle

Traditional shipping methods require businesses to haggle for prices, do not offer any kind of visibility into the location of their cargo and are prone to human error, leading to shipping delays and increased costs. There has got to be a better way.

Rethinking shipping for the digital age

We're rethinking shipping for the digital age by giving our customers a lightning-quick booking experience, live interactive tracking of their cargo and a complete document management suite all in one place. We believe this should be the new normal for global shipping.

We have big plans

We want to be the default operating system for logistics. This is no easy task, but we’re most excited to solve those problems; problem-solving is our North Star.

Who we are

We are aiming to build an enduring organization filled with incredibly talented and driven people. We have a lot of work to do, and we are looking for people who want to make an impact and help us build an amazing brand.

Open and transparent

We believe in being honest and transparent about things like our future roadmap and revenue numbers; we think this helps people make the right decisions every day.

Personal growth

We want to set people up for success, and would love to help people that are working on becoming the best versions of themselves.

Data-driven decision making

We believe in data and the truth in numbers. While we heavily depend on the raw data to make informed decisions on a day-to-day basis, we also trust and support our people when they’re taking calculated risks.

Rapid growth

Our customers love Wiz and we’re growing very quickly. This creates an abundance of opportunity for people to shine, learn a ton and create massive impact.

Open positions

Find your role, dive into the details, and tell us why you're undoubtedly the right one for the job.

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Sales Manager, Singapore



The hiring process

We aim to build a team that we can all be proud of, and the only way to do that is by hiring exceptional people. To make it easy for candidates we run a thoughtful and transparent hiring process. Before we even begin hiring for a new role we make sure we have clarity on what we're exactly looking for, and then design a customized process for each role. It is just as important that you understand what life would be like at Wiz, as it is that we find out if you're right for the role.

Hiring manager

Each position has a designated hiring manager who will be your main point of contact throughout the interview process. They will be available every step of the way to help you, answer any questions you may have and to ensure the process runs smoothly.

To begin, they will review your application, and if you seem like a good fit, they will get in touch with you to arrange an initial conversation so we can learn more about your ambitions and experience. If you're not a good fit, we promise to let you know as quickly as possible.


We want to help candidates help understand the reality of the role they're applying for. We design remote assessments that help give you this insight, while also letting you demonstrate the key skills required to succeed in that role. If you really enjoyed working on the assignment, it is a great sign that you have found the perfect role for you.

We also understand that not everyone has the time to work on these assessments. If you don't, please feel free to reach out to your hiring manager, and they can help identify other types of assessments for you.


Once you've finished your assessments, you'll come to meet the hiring manager and a few teammates. The conversation will be centered around the role itself, and your strengths and what you bring to the table. Finally, we'll arrange an interview with some early employees to focus on culture and values. If successful, we will make you an offer and you'll hopefully join us to have a rewarding and fulfilling career.

We're listening

We value self-improvement, so we're constantly learning and adapting our process to the times. Because of this, the process might slightly deviate from this, so ask your hiring manager to explain the process at any point. If you have any feedback on your hiring experience, please write to us at